Greener Venues For A Brighter Future: Logjam Announces Going Green Initiative


Living in a place like Missoula, Montana, it is easy to realize the importance of sustainability. At Logjam Presents, we believe we have an obligation to do our part to ensure that future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet and the wonders our natural world has to offer. With this goal in mind, Logjam Presents is proud to launch the Going Green Initiative – an ongoing collaborative effort to foster environmentally conscious practices that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for our patrons, our community and our world.

Logjam Presents, the City of Missoula and Missoula Compost Collection have formed a groundbreaking partnership to significantly reduce and recycle waste at the Top Hat Lounge, the Wilma and KettleHouse Amphitheater. The new partnership will be part of Zero by Fifty, a program launched by the City of Missoula to reduce landfill waste in the region 90 percent by the year 2050.

“Logjam’s work on sustainability is a shining example of how we can, together, do well and do good. For the Missoula-based owners of Logjam Presents, success is measured in many ways, including ensuring that our economic prosperity doesn’t come at the cost of our quality of life. This partnership is a big leap for Missoula and I’m grateful that the community’s vision gets closer to reality every day.”  said Missoula Mayor John Engen.

The partnership marks Phase One of Logjam’s Going Green Initiative. Phase One will include the implementation of a comprehensive composting and broad recycling program across all three Logjam venues and a reusable cup and water bottle program.

The compost program will include the elimination of all plastic single-use cups, plastic water bottles and plastic straws at the three Logjam venues. All single-use cups, straws and water bottles will be replaced with 100 percent compostable products that Missoula Compost Collection will deliver to Garden City Compost, the City of Missoula’s compost operation. In addition, the Top Hat Restaurant and Bar will work with Missoula Compost to dispose of food waste from the restaurant and kitchen into the composting facility.

The recycling program will focus on recycling all plastic and aluminum used in the three venues. All serving cans and carry-out containers will be separated at the venue and will be transported by Missoula Compost Collective to Pacific Steel Recycling.

Logjam Presents is also teaming up with Klean Kanteen to create a line of reusable cups and water bottles to reduce the amount of single-use container waste. Customers at the Wilma and KettleHouse Amphitheater will have the opportunity to obtain a Klean Kanteen reusable cup for all beverages sold at the venues.Klean Kanteen Cups are available now at the Top Hat bar in Downtown Missoula

According to Owner and CEO of Logjam Presents, “Phase One of our Going Green Initiative will launch the first chapter in our efforts to be a much greener organization. With an estimated 625,000 unique servings units of beverages across our three venues in 2018, and a meaningful amount of food leftovers from our growing restaurant business, we feel we have an obligation to be more responsible in managing our waste. The implementation of a comprehensive compost program, a broad recycling program and the use of reusable cups and water bottles inside the venues will significantly reduce the amount of waste we currently send to Missoula landfills.  We hope to be a leader in composting and recycling waste in Missoula and set the path for businesses to work with the City in its goal of reducing waste 90 percent by 2050.”

The new partnership will provide a major boost to the composting program in the City of Missoula and newly formed Missoula Compost Collection. According to Missoula Compost Collection Owner Sean Doty, “Missoula Compost Collection is excited to see Logjam Presents take on this project. They will be the first prominent restaurant and music venues in Missoula to compost their serving ware and kitchen waste through our services. This is going to be a positive change for the future. Thinking back to some of the first shows I saw in Missoula 15 years ago, we drank out of disposable cups and they are still sitting in the landfill, most likely unchanged. This is huge for the community of Missoula and its goal of reaching zero waste by 2050.”

Logjam plans on launching Phase One of its Going Green Initiative on December 1, 2017 with full implementation of Phase One by January 31, 2018.