ELM: Bozeman’s Ultimate Concert Venue Coming Soon

In May 2018, Logjam Presents announced its plans for a new 1,500 capacity venue in Bozeman, Montana. Over the past nine months, an intense and thorough planning process took place, and now, the picture is much clearer about the future of Bozeman’s ultimate live entertainment venue: the ELM.

Logjam is excited to say, that on March 4, construction will begin. It will be located at 506 Seventh Avenue, in midtown Bozeman, on the corner of North 7th Avenue and West Short Street, directly adjacent to the RSVP Motel.

The name, ELM, follows a longstanding tradition of naming venues after people. Specifically, it pays tribute to the three children of Logjam Presents owners, Nick and Robin Checota, while also representing a brand that fits the aesthetic design of the venue.

Building ELM from the ground up, Logjam has taken full advantage of designing a world-class venue that maximizes functionality through contemporary architecture. The ELM will provide best-in class sound and production, excellent sight lines and efficient customer circulation throughout the building.

Logjam has worked closely alongside sound technicians and architects to ensure that the ELM will deliver a top-notch sonic experience through substantial investments in acoustic treatments. Similarly, each architectural component was designed in the context of great functional design to allow patrons to move freely throughout the venue, while creating safe and secure entry points and an efficient concession design.

From its contemporary architecture to best-in-class customer flow, to consistently great concertgoer view lines, to exceptional artist production, the ELM will be the best venue of its size in the Western US — all owned and operated by an independent Montana company.

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