Make Your Move Missoula Trains Logjam Staff on Harassment Intervention

Last Sunday, Make Your Move Missoula stopped by the Top Hat to help teach our staff more about creating a safe and respectable culture in our venues. 

Staff members who work at the Top Hat, Wilma, and KettleHouse Amphitheater learned ways to better identify harassment and how to properly intervene when necessary.

Logjam is serious about ending sexual violence and is committed to making our venues a safe place for all patrons. If you or someone else feels uncomfortable at a show, don’t hesitate to check in with event staff or bar staff. We’re here to help.

About Make Your Move!

Make Your Move! is an innovative campaign designed to engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence in the greater Missoula area. This multi-faceted, inter-agency approach creates long-term, positive change by changing the beliefs and behaviors that support sexual violence, thus creating a safer and healthier community.

Everyone deserves to feel safe. Everyone deserves to feel respected.