New Misting Station at KettleHouse Amphitheater

Summer 2022 has been absolutely amazing at KettleHouse Amphitheater, but it’s also been downright HOT as of late. We want to help cool you down while you’re at the next show, so we added a misting station!

Now if you find yourself needing to escape the sweltering heat — just head over to the misting station where you can simmer down with some shade and high-quality H2O. You’ll love it and the kids will too 🙂

Location: The misting station is located at the end of the west concourse right before you enter the main bowl. In other words, once you enter the venue, just take a left and keep walking until you get wet!

Want to cool down from the inside out? Obviously, there’s plenty of award-winning ice-cold KettleHouse beer, and there’s a special frozen cocktail stand if you’re in the mood for an extra cold beverage.

And of course, we always encourage you to drink plenty of water via the filling stations located at both bars and the front of the venue (near the merchandise booth).

Stay cool and we’ll see ya out on the Blackfoot soon!