Mumford & Sons Verified Fan Presale

Logjam Presents Mumford & Sons Verified Fan Presale Registration for Ogran Park in Missoula Montana

Verified Fan Presale

With an event this big, tickets are expected to be in very high demand, so Logjam is taking extra precautions to protect patrons. We’re working with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan presale platform, so we can limit “bots” and scalpers from buying and reselling tickets at inflated prices.

Registration: CLOSED

Presale: Thursday, March 14 at 10am MST

ALL TICKETS will be available for purchase online during this presale, so please make sure to register if you want tickets. If there are unsold tickets when the presale ends, remaining tickets will be available to the general public on Friday, March 15 at 10am MST.

Basically, you’ll need to register on Ticketmaster Verified Fan  for a personal access code that will give you the opportunity to purchase tickets during the Verified Fan presale on Thursday. 

Here’s the main details you need to know. 

1. When to register: Monday, Mar. 11 at 11am – Tuesday, Mar. 12 at Midnight. Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on what to expect next, but we’ll give you a brief overview below.

2. Verification Email: On the evening of Wednesday, Mar. 13, you’ll receive an email confirming if you’ve been verified and if you’ve also been selected to participate in the presale. If you are verified and selected, you will also receive a text with your personal access code and a link to purchase tickets on Thursday at 10am.

3. Purchasing Verified Fan Presale Tickets: On Thursday, Mar. 14, starting at 10 am you’ll have the opportunity to use your personal access code to purchase tickets through the eTix ticket link which will be texted to you. The eTix ticket link will also be available through the “TICKETS” button on the Mumford & Sons event page [here]. Once you’ve purchased tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a receipt. Remember though, your tickets will only be available via your mobile device 24 hours before the show on Aug. 11.

If you need help with the presale, you can call Ticketmaster at 1-800-653-8000 or Tweet your question to @TMFansupport (Ticketmaster Verified Fan has informed us that Twitter is actually a very quick way to reach them).

This is the first concert that Logjam Presents has announced at the venue since taking over exclusive booking rights in 2018 and it’s looking like it will be one of Missoula’s biggest events of the summer. We only want true fans to get tickets, so these are the steps we’re taking to help ensure that happens. We realize this process is a bit different from how we usually do things, but it should be for the best!


Q: Can I pick up my tickets at will call?
A: No, all tickets will be mobile / print at home ONLY.


Q: Can I have my tickets printed in advance?
A: No, all tickets will be mobile / print at home ONLY.


Q:  I purchased my tickets, where are they?
A: You should give an email confirming your purchase from Etix. Tickets will be emailed 24 hours before the show and no earlier.


Q: What if I need ADA or Handicap Accessible seats?
A: For ADA tickets, go ahead and purchase general admission tickets and contact Kaitlin McCafferty, Box Office Manager at or 406.830.4640.


Q: What is the BEST way to get tickets?
A: The Verified Fan Presale is your best bet to buy tickets. A very limited quantity will be on sale on Friday, March 15th at 10am.


Q: Can I buy tickets at the Top Hat?
A: The Verified Fan Presale is your best bet to buy tickets. A very limited quantity will be on sale on Friday, March 15th at 10am.


Q: How do I get my presale code?
A: The presale for this event is run through TicketMaster Verified Fan. To get your code, follow the instructions here. You will need to create TM account.


Q: I have my code. Now what?
A: Once you follow the instructions you can you use the presale code you receive Wednesday night, to purchase tickets 10am MST Thursday, March 14 until Friday, March 15th at 10am right here.