Ticket Buying Guide

Ticket Buying Guide


As big announcements roll in, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to have a successful ticket-buying experience. In particular, when there is a show that’s considered “high-demand,” and likely to quickly sell out, there are several things we want you to understand.

First and foremost, please know that Logjam Presents takes every measure possible to ensure YOU, the fans, get tickets. There are many layers of bot-stopping efforts in place, but even then, demand may occasionally outweigh the available supply of tickets.

With that said, here are several tips to help you obtain tickets for high-demand shows.

Presale vs General Public On-sale
Most of the information below pertains to presale tickets only. Presale tickets are offered to our followers as an opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of the General Public On-sale. These tickets are password protected to mitigate bots and scalpers from gaining access.

Presale Types
Some Logjam Presents events have multiple presale opportunities, such as Artist Presales, Spotify Presales, CitiBank Presales, etc. The password provided here is for the Groove Presale. Please make sure you enter this code into the “Groove Presale” ticket options when purchasing tickets during the presale.

ticket buying guide

Tickets Are Limited
Presales have limited tickets available and will only be available while supplies last. For high-demand performances, these tickets may move quickly. That said, please be aware that additional inventory will be released during the General Public On-sale when all associated passwords are removed. In other words, if the presale sells out, there will be another opportunity to purchase tickets during the General Public On-sale. Presale and General Public On-sale timing and information can be found in the ticket purchase page available www.logjampresents.com/events/.

Ticket Purchase Limit
In an effort to give more fans a fair shot at the available inventory and reduce scalper activity, presale ticket transactions may be limited to only TWO (2) TICKETS per transaction in certain cases. Please refer to the ticket purchase page for details.

The Queue
Depending on the level of traffic on the ticketing site, you may be automatically prompted to join a queue. Do not refresh this page manually, as you will lose your place in line.

Select a Seat
Selecting your desired number of reserved seats from the “Best Available” tab will automatically assign you the closest adjacent seats. If you would rather select seats manually, you can move to the “Seating Chart” tab, click into your desired section (Left, Center, Right), and manually select seats from the available inventory. Please take note of the color-coded key, which will show different ticket types, including VIP packages. Your selected seats will display with a green checkmark and you must select the “Add Tickets” button to successfully cart the tickets. Instructions available here.

Error Message
The following error message will be displayed if all seats in a particular section are either in someone’s cart or have been purchased: “Sorry, there are not enough adjacent seats available for tickets of that type. Please change the type of tickets you are requesting, or reduce the number of tickets and try again.”

Online Sales
Presale tickets are available online only. Please make sure that you have a strong internet connection and are online with enough time to access the ticket purchase website. Be ready to refresh the page when the presale begins. If you cannot cart tickets, continue to refresh the page, as un-purchased tickets will revert back into available inventory if they are abandoned. There is a 10-minute window of time to make the purchase after successfully adding tickets to your cart.
** Just because all tickets are currently carted does not mean you are out of luck. Continue to refresh the page as others’ shopping carts may clear and open up more tickets into the available inventory.

Restricted Delivery
For high-demand performances, the delivery of your electronic ticket may be delayed until closer to the event date. This allows us a chance to identify suspicious purchases and cancel orders that have not adhered to the set ticket limits. Please review your eTix confirmation email for specifics.

Gift Cards
Logjam Gift Cards cannot be used for Presale purchases. Learn how to purchase tickets with your Logjam gift card here.

General Public On-sale
If you are unable to obtain tickets through the presale, rest assured knowing that additional tickets for all sections will be released during the General Public On-sale. Similar to the Presale, General Public On-sale tickets can still be hard to obtain.

Buy Tickets in Person (General On-sale Only)
If you are in Missoula or Bozeman, we personally invite you down to a Logjam Presents box office to purchase tickets in person. This will be your best chance at getting tickets once the Groove Presale ends and the Public On Sale begins. The Logjam Presents box offices are located at the Top Hat Lounge (Missoula, MT) and The ELM (Bozeman, MT). More information and hours of operation can be found here.