Local Spotlight: The Ghost Peppers Release New Album

Back in 2015, the band High Voltage released their album “Electrify” on the Top Hat stage in Missoula, MT. After supporting their album for the rest of the year, they began writing sessions for their next collection of songs in early 2016.

These new writing sessions proved fruitful, and the songs “Part of Me”, “Circles” “Hello, Hello”, and “Searching For Tomorrow” were written. Early on in the sessions it was apparent that the band’s songwriting process and chemistry had matured and evolved.

Previously, the music was fueled by the members shared love of guitar riffs and bombastic rock n’ roll. The new writing sessions were focused on dynamic and melodic songs that fused the elements of guitar centric rock n’ roll with strong vocal hooks and powerful, pulsating drum and bass.

This led to the writing of more focused traditional rock songs such as “Masquerade”, as well as more dance and groove based songs such as “Take Your Time” and “Hey Now“. The band continued their songwriting sessions throughout the year, which led to the songs “Still Shaking“, “Blue”, “Clear As Day”, “Forbidden” and “Make You Fly”. With the new album on its way and shift in songwriting¬† tone, the band decided it was time for a rebrand and name change. Thus the name “The Ghost Peppers” was born.

Last summer, the band entered a demo of their song “Part Of Me” into 96.3 The Blaze’s contest to open for Breaking Benjamin at Big Sky Brewery. With local support and a major online push, the band won the contest and was able to debut a handful of their new songs in front of a great Montana audience. After a handful of other gigs that summer, he band finished up songwriting for their album in 2016, and guitarist Josh Rhines finished production and mastering of the album at his studio Sound West Studios in Early 2017.

The Ghost Peppers new self titled album will be releasing digitally and physically on May 15th. The band will be celebrating the release with a free show at Montana’s premiere music club, The Top Hat on Saturday, May 20th with special guests The Boxcutters. More information on the performance can be found here.¬†– Josh Rhines, Missoula, MT

Event: The Ghost Peppers & The Boxcutters at The Top Hat 5/20/17

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