Montana Spotlight: 5 Local Artists Worth Seeing

Montana truly is the last best place.  It should be no surprise that the area is home to many talented and inspired artists and musicians. With all of the exciting new entertainment coming through the area, it can be easy to overlook some of the locals.

Encompassing a variety of genres from Burlesque to rock, here’s a quick list of some upcoming local shows you don’t want to miss.

1. Letter B

Conceived in 2013, this Missoula-based ensemble is on the cutting edge of melodic production: blending multiple genres with liberated spoken-word lyrics. “The folk/rock/indie-hip-pop group draws inspiration from…Dave Matthews Band, Atmosphere and Ray Lamontagne” to deliver “down-home roots with a global perspective” (

Event: Letter B at The Top Hat with Boston Tea Party Fri Jun 9 

2. Alder Lights 

This indie-rock group out of Billings “presents their passion filled sound with as much heart as aggression,” ( While softer moments resemble emo-pop artists like Fall Out Boy, the more aggressive inflection manifests screamo and punk influences. Moreover, this will be their first time playing The Top Hat since their inception.

Event: Alder Lights at The Top Hat Sat, Jun 10 (Free)

3. Mesozoic Mafia 

Going where the dino-spirit takes them, Mesozoic Mafia is a unique Missoula based band that grooves on jazzy house-made computer melodies and beats, aided by a line-up that just keeps growing ( The laid-back beats, garnished with “trippy, atmospheric interludes” and dino-themed quibble, comes from “the largest musical collaboration NWMT has seen in recent years.” (

Event: Mesozoic Mafia at The Top Hat Fri, Jun 16 (Free)

4. Cigarette Girls Burlesque

The Missoula-based burlesque troop will be performing The Horibble Year: A Tribute to 2016, inspired by the losses in the artist community this past year. Fans can expect tributes to the likes of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, and Prince. All will be manifested through “classic bump n’ grind, a smattering of comedy, whip-smart wit, and devilish hoochie coo,” to keep Missoula wild and weird. Accompanying the sumptuous performance will be local band, The Misfortune Tellers.

Event: Cigarette Girls Burlesque at The Top Hat Sat, Jun 24


5. Josh Farmer Band 

Standing as one of the youngest old-timers in the Missoula, Josh Farmer and company originated in 2011 and have been producing a blend of funk, rock and soul ever-since. Lucky for fans, they released a series of videos to showcase the band’s live expertise (see above).
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Event: Josh Farmer Band at The Top Hat Fri, Jun 30 (Free)


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