Dissecting the Dish: A Closer Look at the New Prosciutto Egg Burger

The Top Hat Lounge has ushered in a new spring menu, filled with big-flavor and healthy-options. Offering gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and vegan-friendly options, the new menu is guaranteed to have “a little something for everyone,”.

In the upcoming weeks, The Top Hat will offer patrons an inside-look at some of the team’s favorite’s from the menu. Kicking off this culinary exploration is headliner dish: The Prosciutto Egg Burger.

This update to an American classic provides power in pairs. The prosciutto and runny egg reminiscent of a bacon and egg breakfast; topped with a peppery-arugula dressed in a lemon-olive oil, for a fresh lemon-pepper flavor.

Complementing milder flavors is the house-made pickle pepper relish. The chunky spread is made with diced habanero, jalapeno, red bell pepper, carrot, and traditional pickling spices. The kick is softened by all the other ingredients on the burger; there to boost the taste as opposed to being spicy.

Most important: the meat! All the above ingredients are built on a base of Mannix grass-fed beef. Truly fresh, never frozen, The Top Hat receives its meat shipment the day after it is ground in Superior, Montana. More than supporting local, sustainable business, the meat’s freshness allows it to be cooked to a perfect medium-rare, bursting with flavor.

All burgers also come with a choice of sides. House-cut fries, soup of the day, house-made tater tots, or a salad ensure that the grizzliest of appetites are satisfied with this meal. Chef, Billy Metzger, recommends the Blackfoot IPA for those in search of that beer-burger combination.

Hearty portions of classic twists will be served up all Summer in downtown Missoula. Enjoy a local brew, live-music and one of the many rockin’ options from The Top Hat’s new menu today!

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