The Mysterious Joe Pug Announces Top Hat Performance

Logjam Presents is proud to welcome back the American singer-songwriter Joe Pug live at The Top Hat on August 23, 2017.

Tickets are available at The Top Hatonline or by phone at (877) 987-6487. All tickets are general admission standing room only with limited bench seating available on a first come first served basis.

Event: Joe Pug at The Top Hat 8/23/17

About Joe Pug

Joe Pug is a bit of a mystery. His work is constantly lauded by songwriters from Steve Earle to Jason Isbell to Brandon Flowers (yes,…seriously ) yet he remains on the upper realms of the underground.  He has a notoriously stubborn independent streak, and always and perpetually insists on giving away his most popular songs for free. Household name status has been elusive, but if there’s anyone more deserving of an Isbell level blowup, I certainly don’t know of them.  I mean….this song, people:

Lest you worry, Pug is no one-hit-wonder either.  I’d heartily recommend checking out the aforementioned free music offer on his website which includes Hymn #101 and 9 other songs. Or if you’re more the streaming type, check out the “Intro to Joe Pug” Spotify playlist below.  His powerful, poignant and refreshingly nostalgia-free take on the singer-songwriter genre deserves to be heard by a wider audience.