Brothers Gow Returns for a Night of Jam at The Top Hat

Returning to The Top Hat on October 6, 2017, Logjam Presents welcomes back funky jam rockers Brothers Gow. Integrating elements of jazz, funk, soul, and rock, Brothers Gow puts on a uniquely talented and energetic performance.

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About Brothers Gow

“Brothers Gow displayed a level of musicianship almost forgotten in this generation at the Music Box in Downtown San Diego on Friday night. Categorized as a jam band with influences of rock, jazz, and soul, the unassuming quintet performed what seemed to be a 21st century symphony, featuring movements rather than tired and predictable verse-chorus interchanges. Funky riffs melded into deep groove syncopations, original hook lines over double-stops segued into soulful a cappella harmonies, and lead guitars supported each other rather than dueled.

The group’s love for their collective sound was inclusive, and shattered the indelible barrier between performer and spectator. A shared goal between live artists and audiences is to experience an unforced osmosis of energy, and since a moment is only as long as you hold it, live in the now when you see Brothers Gow.”

­- Drew Christopher, September 10th 2016 

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Brothers Gow 2015 performance at The Top Hat. Photo Credit: Neubauer Media


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