Big Gigantic and Brasstracks Mix Electronic Dance Music With Live Instruments (Photo/Review)

“UNO, DOS, TRES, GO!” blasted out of the massive Wilma speakers, followed by classic feel-good bass and Dominic Lalli (Trumpet/Producer) ripping live saxophone notes. This familiar Big Gigantic track quickly transitioned into a remix, which was an immediate hit with the wildly energetic Missoula crowd. EDM acts like Big Gigantic, Brasstracks, and GRiZ often use live instruments in their sets. This is a progressive feat for the genre and gives the crowd something extra to connect with besides the usual fist bumping and jumping seen in most EDM performances. 

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Brasstracks at The Wilma 12/7/17

Brasstracks started the night off with remixes and original songs using modern and classic sounds. Their worth as Grammy-winning musicians showed as they played the instrumental for “No Problems” by Chance the Rapper (Produced by Brasstracks). Brasstracks is one of several EDM bands who incorporate brass-heavy dance tracks with rap, but they might do it the best. Ivan Jackson swayed with his trumpet hanging, while Conor Rayne slammed drumsticks below light filled haze as the duo performed unique remixes for the lively Wilma crowd.

Big Gigantic

The light design for the Big Gigantic set was on point! Benjamin (Light Designer for Big Gigantic) manned the controls as dozens of rays lit the crowd up, and a giant L.E.D. screen (14 feet tall, 22 feet wide) displayed colorful animations synced with songs behind Lalli and Jeremy Salken (Percussion). Animations of Logic rapped along with the resonating sound of Dominic’s saxophone on “All of Me.” Big Gigantic clapped with the crowd as ROZES’ lyrics put everyone into a calmer state.

As Big Gigantic left the stage, the crowd roared demanding more music. The duo quickly came back on, their name plastered in white lights and dancing astronauts floating in the air as they began to play (reminiscent of the “Get on Up Tour” of 2015). “You all ready for some more music?” yelled Dominic into the microphone as they dropped another bass-heavy

Big Gigantic at The Wilma 12/7/17

track. After the encore, Dominic looked out at the white-lit Wilma and roaring audience and exclaimed,“I love you guys!”

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The show was great all around, with talented performances from the beginning to the end, and a crowd that seemed to truly enjoy the experience. If you like music like this, Zeds Dead is playing New Years Eve at The Wilma on December 31st. You can learn more about the show HERE.

-Written by Alex Bardsley

– Photos By: Neubauer Media

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