Brian Moss of Spafford is Ready to Jam

We recently caught up with Brian Moss who is the front man and guitar player for Spafford, a refreshing jam band from Prescott, AZ who is slated to play The Top Hat on March 9th. Concert goers can expect to see Brian crafting notes into complex strains during his solo moments, as well as providing co-vocals throughout a distinctive setlist. Spafford is known to perform their music masterfully, immersing audiences with refreshing improvisation.

Instead of focusing on one style, Spafford slowly builds songs that are influenced by whatever the band mates are currently inspired by. The constantly changing inspiration behind their performance forces an evolving sound with each set. Each Spafford performance is unique, and can be influenced by factors from bandmates reading habits to the crowds energy.

“Whenever I’m home I like to hit the books” said Brian, as he commented on the need to keep inspired.  

Performing live across the United States has resulted in a passionate cult following for Spafford. Fans are known for following the group along multiple stops during their extensive tours in order to experience the ever changing setlists firsthand. Since the Spafford sound is perpetually progressive, focus lies on creating experiences that bring crowds together to fill fans expectations of an idiosyncratic production. His voice lightened as Brian talked about their supporters, “ We are very lucky to have the people that do follow us, and are passionate about what we do. We wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for them”.

The lively sound of Spafford will also be accompanied by an equally enthralling light show. This combination of auditory and visual aspects pulls each audience member further into the “electro funk therapy” Spafford provides. Brian has an interesting proposition for first time listeners; “I would say before the show, don’t listen to any of it”. The Spafford experience is a reinvention of itself during every set, arriving to the show with an open mind on is the best preparation possible.

Catch Spafford live in Missoula with the Higgs on March 9th. Tickets and more information available here.

-Written by Alex Bardsley