Help Trout Unlimited Support Responsible Mining

Montana Trout Unlimited, a proud partner of Logjam Presents, is helping support ballot initiative I-186, which seeks to require new mines prove that their operations won’t require perpetual treatment of water polluted by mine waste. 

I-186 will ensure that new mines in Montana operate responsibly. It will hold mining companies accountable and will no longer allow them to leave behind a toxic mess requiring perpetual treatment of water contaminated by acid mine drainage and heavy metals.

To support I-186, you can publicly endorse, volunteer, donate, and/or sign the petition to get this initiative on the November ballot. The initiative needs 25,000 signatures by June 22nd.

Since the opening of KettleHouse Amphitheater in 2017, Logjam Presents’ has made a concerted effort to protect the beautiful Blackfoot River that houses the new venue. I-186 will act to protect the Blackfoot and all of Montana’s precious waterways.

About Logjam-MTU Partnership

In early 2018, Logjam Foundation, and Montana Trout Unlimited formed the Blackfoot River Fund — a partnership dedicated to conserving and protecting the Blackfoot River. Through ticket, bar, and merchandise sales at KettleHouse Amphitheater, it is Logjam’s goal to raise $100,000 in 2018. In this partnership, MTU will direct how funds are allocated and will launch specific Blackfoot River initiatives. More information on the Blackfoot River Fund can be found here.

Learn more about Montana Trout Unlimited by visiting their website, Instagram, or Facebook page.