Watch Norwell “Kiss and Tell” on New Music Video for 2nd Single off Forthcoming Album

Missoula’s up and coming indie ensemble Norwell have just released their new single “Kiss and Tell” with an accompanying music video that keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

The video focuses in on several Missoulians making more than just cameos. Each shot displays a different pair of people up close and personal while they embrace one another for a brief kiss… some more akin to a make out session while others are a simple peck.

One couple happens to be Norwell frontman Brady Schwertfeger and fellow Garden City singer songwriter Chloe Gendrow, although these two are the exception to the video, abstaining from any lip to lip contact with each other. Beyond the camera, Chloe is also heard featured on the track, with her signature-crystal-clear vocals coming in around the 1:10 mark.

The second single comes off Norwell’s forthcoming debut album There Is Nothing That Cannot Happen To Someone. They’ll be celebrating their album release at the Top Hat on Saturday, Sept 15th. More information on Norwell and their new LP can be found here.

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