LISTEN: Chali 2na Drops Unexpected New Single “Change the World”

Charles Stewart, better known by his stage moniker Chali 2na, has just put out a fresh new single titled “Change the World.” The track features vocal help from Res with accompanying instrumentals from Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee of BreakScience and Anthony Brewster of the House of Vibe.

The track came out on September 18th with little to no commentary on what will follow the single. Currently, Chali doesn’t have any plans to release a new album… as far as we know. Back in March, Chali spoke with Hip Hop DX about working with his notorious underground rap group Jurassic 5, saying:

“We’ve all been talking about it. We’ve been in the room, on the phone, emails, and a few of us have been experimenting with little different things in the studio, talking about beats. To me, that’s us stirring the pot trying to cook something up. I’m just hoping that it spills into fruition. But we know it’s time.”

Chali 2na last visited Missoula in 2015 with The Grouch and Eligh, and will be returning to the Top Hat on September 20, 2018, this time with local support from local hip hop duo Foreshadow x Elair. Tickets to the concert are still available at the Top Hat and online here.