Top 3 Favorite Dustbowl Revival Videos

Celebrating 10 years as a band, Dustbowl Revival is currently on a nationwide tour with a concert in Missoula scheduled for September 25th. If you’re not familiar with Dustbowl, take a look at our top 3 favorite videos to get a taste of the genre defying, eight-piece ensemble.

They teamed up with iconic actor Dick Van Dyke for their 2015 tune “Never Had to Go.” Dick was 89 at the time, but you’d never know that from the way he dances!


Here we see them live and direct performing Debtors’ Prison, showcasing their infectious interplay between horns and strings.


Featuring¬†a lively dance floor, booming brass, and rippin’ mandolin and fiddle solos — it’s safe to say that this is what the dance floor will look like on Tuesday!