Missoula Jam Trio Innasci Announces Official moe. Afterparty Concert

Missoula band on the rise Innasci has just announced that they will headline the FREE Official moe. Aterparty concert on SaturdayOctober 13, 2018. Bozeman funk rock group Dash will open.

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Innasci, a latin verb meaning “to be born” is also Missoulian for “groove heavy jam funk rock trio that continuously melts faces.” Or something like that.

Innasci has made it their mission to bring their brand of tasty tunes to the masses. Consisting of Kyle Boone (formerly of Gil and the Spills & Local Yokel) on bass guitar and vocals, KW Lloyd (formerly of Gil and the Spills) on guitar, and Jake Smith (Shakewell) on percussion, the group has been very active individually, playing in various bands around Missoula and the region before finding each other in a music filled haze.

Building off of Boone’s 2017  solo album release The Waffles LP, the group has begun to bring these sounds to an ever increasing audience with no signs of letting up any time soon. With an emphasis on energetic compositions, pocket grooves, and musical exploration, Innasci delivers the party to the dance floor while redefining what a power trio can do sonically.

Their sound is the perfect fit for a late night extension of moe.-esque jams. More info on the moe. concert can be found here.

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