Logjam Foundations’ Blackfoot River Fund Donates $106,000 to Montana Trout Unlimited

In March 2018, the Logjam Foundation, the charitable arm of Missoula-based concert promoter Logjam Presents, and Montana Trout Unlimited partnered to form the Blackfoot River Fund — an initiative  focused on the conservation and preservation of the Blackfoot River. The initiative is funded solely through an annual donation from the Logjam Foundation.

Based on a successful summer season, the Logjam Foundation is proud to announce that it will donate $106,000 in 2018 to the Blackfoot River Fund. 

Based on a successful summer season, the Logjam Foundation is proud to announce that it will donate $106,000 in 2018 to the Blackfoot River Fund.

According to David Brooks, Montana Trout Unlimited Executive Director, “Most of the work Logjam is contributing to will be done in partnership with our Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited, led by project manager Ryen Neudecker. Ryen has nearly two decades of experience conserving, protecting and restoring the Blackfoot. In conjunction with Ryen, we will use Blackfoot River Funds to leverage additional funding from many other sources including critical federal and state programs dedicated to improving water quantity, water quality, fish and wildlife. All of these projects involve local contractors and, hence, help create or maintain local businesses and the jobs they support.” A current list of proposed projects for the Blackfoot River Fund can be found below.

According to Nick Checota, Logjam Presents CEO and Talent Buyer, “We are grateful to have such a pristine and beautiful setting for live music in Montana. As a business based in Missoula and a benefactor of the surrounding natural wonders, we at Logjam feel an obligation to do our part to ensure the preservation and protection of this area. We are proud to make this donation and trust Montana TU will put these funds to good use to benefit the Blackfoot.”

The Logjam Foundation will present a check to Montana Trout Unlimited at 7:00 PM during the Blackfoot River Fund Pint Night Celebration at the Top Hat Lounge in downtown Missoula on Tuesday, October 23. As part of the celebration, the Logjam Foundation will be contributing an additional $1 to the Blackfoot River Fund for every KettleHouse canned beer purchased from 6:00 – 9:00 PM that same night. Remaining Blackfoot River Fund merchandise will also be available for purchase. The event is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome. More information can be found here.

Blackfoot River Fund 2018 Proposed Projects

• North Fork Blackfoot River Water Conservation. Water conservation project that will save 10 cfs of water by converting from flood to sprinkler irrigation. Critical bull trout habitat!

• Blackfoot River Water Lease – Still working out details, but we are likely moving forward on and it saves water and eliminates a ditch in a critical migration corridor.

• Nevada Creek Phase 3 Restoration – Instream restoration project that will benefit two miles of habitat and save hundreds of tons of sediment in this important westslope cutt tributary.

• Poorman Creek Restoration Project Phase 1 and 2 – Instream restoration projects that will benefit 2 miles of habitat benefiting bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout. Phase 1 is in the bull trout spawning reach — an area impacted by historic mining and phase 2 is the lower 1.5 miles of habitat that feed the upper Blackfoot River (Poorman Phase 1 is on public land).

• Copper Creek Bull Trout Habitat Project – Rerouting 1 mile of road that has been a sediment source impacting a stronghold for bull trout spawning in the upper watershed (Public land).

• Morrell Creek – Instream restoration project that will benefit two miles of habitat in the critical native trout tributary. The last stronghold for adfluvial populations in the Clearwater!! The largest trib to the Blackfoot River (Public land).

• Nevada Creek Fish Screen – New fish screen and fish passage project to benefit westslope cutthroat trout.

• Nevada Creek Phase 4 – Two miles of instream habitat work — major bank erosion upstream of Nevada Creek reservoir.

Logjam is sincerely thankful to all the concertgoers who’ve helped make this donation possible!