Missoula Folk Trio TopHouse Release New Single and Announce Concert at Top Hat

Missoula folk band on the rise, TopHouse, just released their new single “Sirens” and have confirmed a FREE concert at the Top Hat on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

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The lyrics for “Sirens” were written by Joseph Larson (lead vocals, guitar). The instrumentals were a collaborative effort, with contributions coming from all band members including the other two thirds of TopHouse, Jesse Davis (guitar, percussion, mandolin) and William Cook (violin). The song is a true “in-house” production, having been recorded at their own home studio and it was mixed and mastered by Jesse.

Joseph gave some insight about the meaning of the song, saying:

Sirens is a song about watching people you love take their lives in a direction you never imagined they would.  It starts with the feeling of helplessness as you watch your friend fall into a lifestyle contrary to what you grew up practicing, as they are “called” by the sirens of the world.   But as time continues the realization comes that you too are being called by the same things, albeit in different forms. The song is meant to be a statement about staying true to the people you love, always willing to reach out to them or be there when they need you.   

Listen to “Sirens” performed live when TopHouse brings their high energy foot stompers and soulful ballads to the Top Hat on March 16. Details here.

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