A Musical Ozark Stew: Handmade Moments to Open for Yonder Mountain String Band in Missoula

Anna Moss and Joel Ludford, together known as the musical duo Handmade Moments, create a mesmerizing blend of jazz, old-time country, blues, soul, hip-hop, rock (and it don’t stop).

Hailing from Fayetteville, AR, they’ve released three full length albums since 2014 with their most recent album Paw Paw Tree coming out May 2018. They’re already gearing up for future new music that will be “More juicy!” as Moss said in Source Weekly interview. Ludford added:

“I think a lot of bands are really good when they come out, but then maybe they get spoiled or something happens, and then they’re not any good anymore after the third album. I think we’re gonna be the opposite. We’ve got three pretty good albums, but then it’s gonna get like really juicy, really tasty soon.”

The band is currently on tour with longstanding bluegrass favorite Yonder Mountain String Band and will be stopping in Missoula for their first concert at the Top Hat on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Details here.

“Experiencing a Handmade Moments show is kind of like enjoying a spoonful of political discourse wrapped in local organic bacon and deep fried in hemp oil — and it’s all silky.” – Nick Brothers, Free Weekly

MORE than a duo…the hardest-working band in rock ‘n roll” – Naropa Sabine