Missoula Livetronica Duo Partygoers Announce Album Release Party at Top Hat

Missoula-based livetronica duo PARTYGOERS are celebrating the release of their forthcoming album, CABLE CREEK, with a FREE Album Release Party on Friday, February 22, 2019.  They recently gave fans a sneak peek of the new LP when they released the title track as a single (listen above).

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This will be their fourth album and is expected to dive even deeper into the tech-house genre. The album was recorded over the course of two summers while band members, Aaron “Trickshot” Johnson and Charlie Apple, collected sounds while they explored the Cable Creek Valley. They used both their home studios and even spent some time recording at the Shakewell studio.

The resulting recordings helped create a natural sonic landscape heard throughout the album. As Partygoers put it:

“CABLE CREEK is an environment. One set in a high elevation valley in western Montana; one merged with musical genres perhaps never before linked to the rural mountain west.”

The band has assured fans that the new tunes will stay true to their distinctive sound — continuing to deliver a unique flavor of danceable music through Aaron’s commanding drumming and Charlie’s live beat manipulation.

The Feb. 22 show will also feature support from Colorado’s “Organic Electronic” 4-piece, Nobide, which features friend, collaborator, and former Missoulian Tanner Fruit. More details here.

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