Young the Giant Performs “Superposition” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

California-based, critically acclaimed indie rock group Young the Giant made a recent TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

They performed “Superposition,” the opening track off their newest record Mirror Master, which came out October 2018. The song recently hit #30 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart.

Describing the overall thesis for Mirror Master, vocalist Sameer Gadhia explains, “Within one single day, we’re all so many different people. Especially with the use of social media, we’re not just living in the now—we’re living on several different timelines simultaneously. A lot of the album came from thinking about how we have all these separations within ourselves that allow us to go about our day. At a time when everyone wants to put each other in a box—culturally, socially, musically—we wanted to show that there are a multitude of reflections inside everything. We don’t have to be a certain thing; we can contradict ourselves and show all these different sides of who we are.”

You can catch Young the Giant live in Missoula when they perform a headlining concert at The Wilma on March 6, 2019 with support from Sure Sure. Details here.

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