Guerrilla Radio: Missoula’s Preeminent Rage Against the Machine Cover Band Confirms Concert at Top Hat

Missoula-based, Rage Against the Machine cover band, Guerrilla Radio, will return to the Top Hat for a live concert on Friday, June 7, 2019.

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Raising a fist to the powers that be, Guerrilla Radio brings an explosion of energy to their live shows and have consistently blown crowds away with their own unique take on Rage classics. Since their 2014 inception, the band has played several shows at the Top Hat, each time earning new fans as they proliferate the anti establishment message of Rage.

The group is comprised of five established Missoula musicians — featuring two lead vocalists, differing in style, yet meshing well together as a single, cohesive unit. Their setlists are a blend of songs from all of Rage’s albums, covering the popular material as well as deeper album cuts.

The Friday night summertime show is only $5, a small price to pay for a band, that as far as we can tell, is the next best thing in Montana until the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers perform themselves.

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