Citizen Cope Unveils Long Awaited New Album ‘Heroin and Helicopters’

Continuing to mix blues, soul, folk, and rock — Citizen Cope just released his new studio album Heroin and Helicopters on Friday, March 1, 2019.

It’s Clarence Greenwood’s (a.k.a. Citizen Cope’s) first new LP since 2012’s One Lovely Day. The album contains 11 tracks with a runtime of about 38 minutes. It contains three previously released singles, “Justice,” “The River” and “Hours on End.” NPR praised Cope on “Justice,” saying that it displayed his “impressive ability to pair deep-felt grooves and a memorable melody with wondrous lyrical simplicity that goes straight to the point and to the heart.”

The album’s name comes from advice that Carlos Santana gave Greenwood at a Citizen Cope concert in San Francisco. He said, “Whatever you do, watch out for the two H’s — heroin and helicopters. They don’t go well with musicians.”

Fans in Montana will get the chance to see Citizen Cope perform the new album live in concert at The Wilma on Mar. 19th. We’re sure he’ll be playing some of his classic hits as well, like “Let The Drummer Kick,” “Son’s Gonna Rise,” and “Bullet and a Target.” Concert details here.