Foreshadow x Elair Announce Album Release Party in Missoula

Missoula-based hip hop duo Foreshadow x Elair will take the stage at the Top Hat on May 31, 2019 for a FREE concert to celebrate the release of their new album, Culture of Corruption. They’ll be supported by Zak James, DJ Exodus, and Eddwords and AJ Forte.

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Culture of Corruption, slated to drop May 24, was recorded in Shadow’s studio, Rezerected,  and was self mixed, mastered and engineered. The band wanted a mixture of a few different types of hip hop genres and partially themed around the current chaos of the world, from politics to societal issues, and subjects close to home, like suicides on reservations. The band also said that there’s still a few upbeat songs and couple “hard hitters.”

With hip-hop evolving to where it’s at in today’s day and age, many people have come to dislike the stance of modern hip-hop, and even more people have come to love the genre. Now it has grown to become the most popular and listened to genre in modern society.

Foreshadow and Elair have been working to capture the best of both worlds and merging hip hops boom bap lyricism with the sound of modernized production. Culture of Corruption is a collective of different feelings, experiences and perspectives. During the process of creating the album both artists went through pivotal times in their lives, which brought more passion and drive into the overall creation.

“To us the album covers mainly what we are going through as artists and how we perceive and react to the random and organized chaos around us.”

This will be Foreshadow x Elair’s first headlining concert at the Top Hat and they’ve assured us that their pulling out all the stops for this  show. They’ve previously opened for some very notable acts like The Flobots, Deltron, Chali 2na and Dorothy to name a few.

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