Letter B Drops First Video for ‘Jean Claude Van Jam’ Sessions and Announces Missoula Concert

Folk rock, indie hip pop ensemble, Letter B, has unveiled the first music video for their Jean Claude Van Jam sessions. The song, “Home,” is the first of five songs that will be performed, recorded and filmed, live inside the band’s tour van. The video drop comes just in time for their Missoula concert announcement, as they’ll be headlining the Top Hat on Friday, April 26, 2019.

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Letter B originally toured in the van in 2015 while filming a music documentary with Missoula’s Hi-Line Films. About a year ago, Letter B purchased the van from Ben Zeimet, owner of Hi-Line.

Guitarist/vocalist, Jordan Lane, explained how much room the van has, and eventually, the band thought up the idea of playing music in the van while they had downtime on tour.

And so, the Jean Claude Van Jam sessions were born. “Home” was filmed while the van was parked outside of Lewis and Clark Brewing before playing a show. “Home” represents one of six songs that will also appear on Letter B’s forthcoming EP, Learn to Live With It.

The song lyrics were written by Jordan, and vocalist Katie Condon, who are siblings. The song is nostalgic for the brother-sister bandmates — “containing elements about their father, talking about family life, taking a walk down memory lane” as Jordan puts it. Each of the other bandmates, Lhanna (saxophone), Dillon Johns (bass/guitar) and BZ (drums), helped write in their respective parts of the song.

The next Van Jam session is slated to take place around the Blue Mountain area in Missoula and will continue to be filmed by local photographer/videographer, Mikey Graef. Mikey will also help Letter B release a series of short videos highlighting the band’s exploits while on tour across Montana, including filming locations in Livingston, Bozeman, Helena, Billings, Butte, and of course, Missoula.

Letter B is also excited to have a whole new line of merchandise ready for their April 26th show at the Top Hat. They’re working with local artists to produce multiple shirt designs, hats, stickers, and more. The show at the Top Hat will be $5 and is open to people 21 and up. Details here.

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