Missoula’s Timber Rattlers Explore Environmental Struggle on New Single “No Ordinary War”

Missoula-based, energetic bluegrass quartet, The Timber Rattlers have just released their new single, “No Ordinary War.”

According to the band, the song references the unique fight that current generations face to save our environment and our world from ourselves.

Rattlers guitarist and songwriter, Jamie Drysdale, gave us an in-depth look at the inspiration and meaning of the song:

“I’ve written a lot of bluegrass songs over the years, which are fun and catchy, but don’t necessarily delve deep into concepts and issues that I care about. So with this song I wanted to write something a little more meaningful. I’d say at its core this song is really about consumerism. While the lyrics don’t come from anger, they are certainly born of frustrations over our continued state of apathy towards the environment.

There is a war going on right now that may be the most important that we have ever had to face, but is difficult to fight when so many are in denial. It is not like the conventional wars we have waged as a country. It is a war to confront the way we live as citizens on this planet. It’s a war that is being waged in political arenas and courts, but also within each and every one of our minds, whether we realize it or not.”

The single was recorded at Daylove Studios in Florence, MT. It was mixed by Rattlers violinist and former Lil Smokies member, Jesse Brown, with assistance from Robert Parr of Yellow Sea Horse Records in Hamilton, MT, where it was also mastered.

Here’s what the band had to say about their upcoming performance ahead of Letter B at the Top Hat on Friday, April 26:

“We’re excited to take the stage with a fellow Missoula troubadours, Letter B, and provide an interesting contrast of blazing bluegrass to the good-time rock vibes. The Top Hat is always one of our favorite places to play. All of us have spent considerable time playing there as part of other bands, but never as our current quartet lineup. Missoula music fans are something special. The bands and musicians are only part of the recipe. The crowd is truly the final member of any group. So thank you Missoula for always being the best band mate.”

The Apr. 26th show is only $5! Complete details here. The Timber Rattlers also have an upcoming Acoustic Avenue performance at the Top Hat on May 2nd. Learn more here.