Walking Corpse Syndrome Releases Live Video of “Wolf in the Nursery” Performed at Top Hat

Missoula’s brutal groove metal band Walking Corpse Syndrome recently released a live shot video of them performing “Wolf in the Nursery” at the Top Hat back in February.

The footage displays the band’s intense live stage presence and unconventional instrumentation, which features two drummers. The video was directed and filmed by Emily Lynn Haacke, along with Shane Beaman, John Schultze, Shawn Frazer, and Greg Frazer. The audio was mixed by Walking Corpse Syndrome guitarist, Tana Starkey.

The song “Wolf in the Nursery” is a single off their forthcoming EP Embrace the Suffering.  It’s already racked up more than 110,000 streams on Spotify and YouTube.

The popular rock magazine, Kerrang!, has described the band as “metal focused entirely on core values of sonic fury and rabid enjoyment.”

Montana concertgoers will have the chance to experience the rabid enjoyment live when Walking Corpse Syndrome plays at the Top Hat on Saturday, June. 15, 2019 with Montana rockers Uncommon Evolution and Ceres! Details here.