The Seed: MASS FM Release New EP “What Will Divide Us Is Love”

Missoula-based, post punk/psych rockers, MASS FM, recently dropped their new EP, What Will Divide Us Is Love.

The EP’s name is mostly an homage to Ian Curtis of the band Joy Division and the song “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” It was recorded at Black National Recording in Missoula, which is owned by MASS FM bassist Christopher Baumann. He’s also responsible for writing a lot of the new music, but as lead guitarist/songwriter Doug Smith explains, that’s not to say it wasn’t a full band collaboration. 

“I initially wrote all the songs on acoustic guitar, some of them over 2 years ago. The most fun part is offering the songs up to the three other people in the band who I trust so much musically. It’s exciting to see how everyone interprets the music and see where the songs go from there. I absolutely love the evolution of a song. It’s the funnest hard work I’ve ever known.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Smith said:

“Looking at all the songs as a whole, they basically could be a “check-point” in one’s life. A reality check point. For example, I observed what I assumed was a homeless person while riding a bus in Portland, Oregon. He seemed disheveled, aloof and was carrying a large, beat-up case of sorts. I was on my way to a rock show at a small club downtown. As I was getting off at my stop, I noticed this guy was as well. And then I noticed that he seemed to be heading to the club too. After I got into the show, I witnessed this “homeless” person walking onto the stage. He was part of the band! I definitely had to check myself regarding assumptions. Several songs on the EP reflect this feeling, coming from both sides of the perspective… the assumer and the assumed.”

What Will Divide Us Is Love is currently available for streaming/purchase on Bandcamp and Soundlcoud and will soon join the band’s previous LP, Punknique, on all major streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

MASS FM has several more songs in the works and is hoping to work up to a full length album over the rest of the year.

For now, make sure you catch the band performing the new EP live at the Top Hat on May 24th as they open for friends and fellow Zootown rockers, Magpies.

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