The Seed: WRINKLES Preview Next Album with New Single “Shores”

Missoula’s rising indie rock outfit WRINKLES just released their new song “Shores” along with a music video. This is the second single from their forthcoming album Other Days slated to drop August 14th. The album was recorded with Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown Recording Studio in Anacortes, WA, where the band stayed for seven full days. It was mixed and mastered by Mike Ditrio in Olympia, WA. Keep reading to learn more about “Shores.” 

Who wrote the song? How long did it take to write?

This song was primarily written by Thomas Elsen (the singer) who wrote all of the lyrics.  Musically this song was a collaborative effort starting with the synth loop idea which Cardiello wrote and had played around with casually for years before bringing it to the group.  Once it was confirmed that it would work as a Wrinkles song, it was fleshed out within weeks and was one of the final songs written on the album.  

What’s the meaning behind the song?

Shores is a song driven by an underwater sounding synth loop and anchored by Elsen’s ominous, passionate vocals. More than any other track on the album, this song creates a feeling that is distinctly “summer” with plenty of water related imagery describing a journey to the river. The lyrical content speaks specifically to some uncertainty and trepidation while entering a new romantic relationship. Elsen touches on the combination of fawning over someone, yet wondering if that person will be okay with all the vulnerabilities and and uncertainty that he possesses. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics dive into a surrealist fantasy of an ever-lasting relationship. 

Does this song relate to other music on “Other Days”?

Yes. A lot of the songs on Other Days talk about the ups and downs of daily life as a young adult in the digital age. Many deal with an uncertainty of the future, and how that bleeds into decisions made in the present moment. That wavering navigation of the present and future is dealt with a lot on this album. This song zooms in on one subjective experience, but fits into the larger picture of grappling with the moods and emotions experienced while trying to make meaning and decisions within our own lives. 

Where was it recorded? How long did it take to record?

We recorded this album with Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown Recording Studio in Anacortes, WA. We posted up there for 7 full days, which was an amazing experience! It was mixed and mastered by Mike Ditrio in Olympia, WA, who is the best!

What’s the story behind the video? Where was it shot?  Who filmed it? Any info you can give on the video is appreciated.

This video was a full on collaboration with film-maker Clayton Ross McDougall. Clayton originally approached us with the idea of using some old B-Sides VHS footage that he had.. And when he showed us the underwater footage, it immediately felt like the right vibe for this somber summer-y tune. Clayton then came to Missoula for a weekend to film shots of the band and a lot of Thomas singing the song in front of a green screen essentially. We even experimented a bit with shooting through a moving fish tank with water in it to help distort the image. It was a really fun time filming those shots! More of Clayton’s work can be found here.

Wrinkles have a big year ahead of them — releasing their sophomore LP this August and heading out on a nationwide tour to boot. They’ll be kicking things off at the Top Hat in Missoula on August 1st with an opening performance for Portland’s Blitzen Trapper. Details here.

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