Video Feature: Amos Lee Performs Famed “Sweet Pea” & Others on Austin City Limits

Earlier this year, acclaimed soul folk singer-songwriter Amos Lee gave an intimate live performance for Austin City Limits Radio at the Dell Music Lounge.

The solo performance highlights Lee’s silky smooth vocals and relaxed style of guitar playing. The set features the songs “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight,” “Little Light,” “El Camino” and “Sweet Pea.” The latter (which is played around the 16:30 mark) became one of Lee’s biggest hits and was heard by millions when it was used for an AT&T commercial more than 10 years ago.

“Sweet Pea” came off of Lee’s second album, Supply and Demand, although the story of how it got there is pure happenstance. In an interview with Mountain Xpress, Lee explained:

“What’s funny about that song is it was kind of a fluke. It wasn’t even supposed to be on that second record. What happened was, we went in the studio one night and my friend’s roommate came over. He was like, “I’ve got a ukulele and I learned one of your songs.” I was like, “Well bring it in here and we’ll cut it.” So he brought in the ukulele and we did it all in two hours. Those kind of things are meant to be, I think.”

During Lee’s ACL Radio set, he also talks with host Andy Langer about his passion and connection with people who are going through the “heaviest stuff” and how he “loves to hear the stories” and likes to “share the burden with them through the music.”

Fans will have the opportunity to see Amos Lee’s heartfelt performance with his full band outside along the Blackfoot River at the KettleHouse Amphitheater on August 27th. The show will also include an opening set from up and coming singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham.

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