Premium Box Seats Released for Umphrey’s McGee at KettleHouse Amphitheater

A small handful of individual Premium Box tickets have been released for Umphrey’s McGee at KettleHouse Amphitheater on September 10, 2022. With the concert right around the corner, the remaining box seats are now available for public purchase at a very reasonable price!

This is your chance to experience the music from the comfort of a crowd-free viewing area. You’ll also receive priority entrance into the venue, as well as cocktail service throughout the show, so you won’t have to miss a beat.

BONUS: Box Seats also include access to the restricted PIT area located directly in front of the stage, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Take a seat and relax in the box or dance and rage in the pit! You can rage in the box too 🙂

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity. Grab some friends and buy your tickets together, so you can experience a night of music like never before.

If you already have tickets, but would like to upgrade, go ahead and purchase the new premium box tickets, then email to receive a FULL REFUND for your original purchase.

Individual Premium Box tickets include:
• Priority entry into the venue
• Private viewing area
• Cocktail service throughout the performance
• Access to the Pit area directly in front of the stage

P.S. Do you have a group of 20 people that want to get a box together? There’s also a Full Box available! If you’re interested, please fill out the form here.