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Newlyweds is the sweatiest rock and roll band West of the 100th meridian. Based in Missoula, Montana, the band is comprised of Eli Nordstrom, Ian Strahn, Jackson Holte, Nick Jackson, and Brody Montgomery, who met while attending the University of Montana and began playing together in 2015. Most weekends they can be found in Missoula’s basement bars, delivering rock and roll to the people like manna to the Israelites.
The Newlyweds sound is driven by engaging narrative songwriting and tied together by too many guitars being played at once. This is the Sex Pistols for your grandma; The Joshua Tree at the height of autumn; Simon and Garfunkel with fewer Simons and more
Garfunkels. Nordstrom’s voice cuts like well-crafted Finnish steel, over top of a band hotter than Jacksonville in July. After being voted “Most Likely to be Arrested for Public Indecency” at the 2016 Zoo Music Awards, this is a band you need to see live: someday this raw sound will be available only in the classical records department of your local public library. Absolutely no one has more fun on stage than Newlyweds.
Newlyweds’ eponymous debut album will be released on April 20th, and the band will tour the country during the summer of 2017. The future’s so bright that Nordstrom has to wear women’s sunglasses on stage, but these boys just like to play hard and make the most of every show.

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