Metalcore in Missoula: Every Time I Die Announces Top Hat Show

Buffalo-based metalcore outfit Every Time I Die, has announced The Top Hat as a stop on the Low Teens album tour. The 5-member ensemble will be playing in downtown Missoula on October 16th. Tickets available this Friday, June 9th at 10am MDT.

Their first time playing Missoula, the band represents an East-Coast blend of metal, hardcore punk, and Southern rock (listen). The multi-genre status could be attributed to their eight studio albums since 2001.

Low Teens, represents years of real life experience: from near-fatal childbirth to pulling through and having children and worrying about them while on the road. The title comes from the weather during the winter it was written, “the temperature was in the low teens. Utterly freezing,” says Every Time I Die’s frontman Keith Buckley. Comprising guest appearances are Deadguy’s Tim Singer and Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie. 

Buckley comments that the only affirmation he is after is “people coming out and singing along.” To get your ticket and affirm this emotionally raw and power-packed performance, go online, call 877-987-6487, or come to the Top Hat in downtown Missoula Friday, June 9th at 10am MDT.

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