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Buffalo-based metalcore outfit Every Time I Die, has announced The Top Hat as a stop on the Low Teens album tour. The 5-member ensemble will be playing in downtown Missoula on October 16th. Their first time playing Missoula, the band represents an East-Coast blend of metal, hardcore punk, and Southern rock. The multi-genre status could be attributed to their eight studio albums since 2001.

Tickets are available at The Top Hatonline or by phone at 877-987-6487. All tickets are general admission standing room only with limited bench seating available on a first come first served basis.

Additional ticketing and venue information can be found here.

Event Page: Every Time I Die at The Top Hat 10/15/17

About Every Time I Die

“The whole winter, the temperature was in the low teens. Utterly freezing,” says Every Time I Die’s frontman Keith Buckley regarding the months that yielded their eighth full-length album. Such is the price you pay for living in Buffalo, NY. Granted, the weather seems like a rather mundane topic for the normally acerbic and irreverent vocalist, but even the most acid-tongued hardcore band must have their sociable side, right? But Buckley and his cohorts Jordan Buckley (guitar), Andy Williams (guitar), Daniel Davison (drums), and Steve Micciche (bass) aren’t so hard up for pathos at this point that they’re grumbling about the temperature outside. If anything, Low Teens is their most poignant and impassioned album in a career full of sardonic illuminations and pit-inciting fervor.