Jon Snodgrass Announced as Support for The White Buffalo

Logjam Presents is happy to announce singer-songwriter Jon Snodgrass will support The White Buffalo at The Top Hat November 10, 2017.

The bespectacled Jon Snodgrass, the Ft. Collins, Co-based musician (by way of Missouri), has played a role in some of the most compelling indie punk/alt country releases to come out in the past few decades. In the early ‘90s, he formed Armchair Martian to channel his love for both Husker Du and Uncle Tupelo. The band put out a few albums, their last one in 2001, and many assumed the band would simply live on in memories, but to the surprise of many has resurrected to play a handful of shows in 2017.

Event Page: The White Buffalo at The Top Hat 11/10/17

Obviously not one to be tied down to monogamy when it comes to music, he also teamed up with Chad Price in the late ‘90s and co-founded Drag the River, another stellar country/punk hybrid that turned in a slew of LPs, EPs and 7”’s over the years. Snodgrass and Price continue to tour occasionally, last releasing an album in 2013.

His other side project, Scorpios, put out their second record in 2017, but he also has no problem going it alone when schedules don’t line up. He’s put out a number of solo records and splits writing with a wry sense of humor, his songs vacillating between sweet, sometimes somber affairs and at times straight up rock numbers. He’s just as happy, if not happier collaborating with friends like Cory Branan, Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard, Joey Cape, Stephen Egerton and Tim Mcllrath, among others.

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With a career’s worth of stellar songs to his name and decades spent playing venues across the globe, Jon Snodgrass is usually just described as the guy with the glasses who plays self-described Country & Midwestern Music .

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