Local Singer-Songwriter Brings a New Taste of Music to Missoula

21-year-old, singer-songwriter & producer, Chloe Gendrow, was born and raised in Missoula, MT. She’s no stranger to what the Garden City music scene has to offer. The genre selection is plentiful, but it seems a bit light when it comes to pop.

This is where Chloe comes in. With striking, pitch perfect vocals and catchy, clean production, she has a unqiue pop sensibility that isn’t prevalent in Missoula.

Her single “I Did,” from her upcoming album Glow, is an excellent representation of Chloe’s vibrant sound. Listen below:

Album Release Party

Gendrow’s debut album Glow, is set to release November 30th, and will be celebrated that night with an album release party at The Top Hat.

The event starts at 10:15pm, is FREE, open to individuals 18 years old & up, and will also feature the music of Norwell, a fellow Missoulian who draws inspiration from indie rock and R&B influences.

Here’s a short clip from Chloe Gendrows’ album diaries: