LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Letter B Releases New Video Ahead of Upcoming Top Hat Concert

Missoula-based indie rock group Letter B have just released their new music video for “The Wolves.” The video was filmed at The Top Hat, where the band will return for a concert on June 29th.

Last year at The Top Hat, Letter B hosted their Release Party for Catch Me When I Fall, the EP originally containing “The Wolves.” Catch Me When I Fall is the first recorded collaboration with all five members. It investigates vulnerability met with rage, the victim mindset and what survival of the fittest means today.

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Catch Me When I Fall revels in relating all living beings who have been pushed to the edge. Each song is a declaration of accepting what we cannot change and wildly protesting the demons that threaten us.

Comprised of a preacher’s progeny, duo Jordan Lane (lead vocals, guitar) and Katie C. (vocals) bring their gospel feel alongside Michael English (drums), Lhanna Writesel (sax), and Dillon Johns (bass) to create an endless supply of energy. Katie C’s spoken word poem from which the band draws its name can be found on its debut album “Moving Forward.”

Letter B performances include a variety of genres including folk, rock, pop and even hip hop elements. Don’t miss their return to The Top Hat on June 29th!


Letter B live music concert at The Top Hat in MIssoula, Montana on June 29th