Introducing the Fan Spotlight: Nina Corelli

We all know them: the person who seemingly goes to all the shows. One day they’re at Peter Frampton, their Facebook Status said how excited they were for Diplo, and according to their Instagram Story they made it to Car Seat Headrest a few days later.

Not to mention they’re at Raising the Dead, Jazz Night, and for some reason Family Friendly Friday… but they don’t have kids. Hey, it’s live music right!?

Ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

Simply put, some people are all about the Missoula music scene, and Logjam Presents wants to start recognizing these dance-floor mavens. Thus introducing the Fan Spotlight, a special feature for the most dedicated of concert goers.

For our first Fan Spotlight, we chose Nina Corelli, a self proclaimed Logjam super fan and ardent music proponent on social media. If there’s a local concert post on Facebook or Instagram, you can almost guarantee Nina will be one of the first to comment!

We wanted to get to know Nina a bit better, so we asked her a few questions.

LP: Where are you from?

NC: Westchester County, New York

LP: How long have you lived in Missoula?

NC: 12 years and counting

LP: Which Logjam concert was your favorite and why?

NC: Tedeschi Trucks with the Wood Brothers in 2017 was my favorite Logjam concert because they are one of the best touring bands out there and seeing them along the banks of The Blackfoot River at the KettleHouse Amphitheater was a real treat!  Also, Hot Tuna being there to open was excellent.

LP: What was the first concert you ever bought a ticket for?

NC: Marshall Tucker Band in Ridgefield, CT at the Ridgefield Playhouse (I was 15 at the time and my parents actually bought the tickets, ha!)

LP: When you’re not at a show, what are you doing?

NC: I work at a staffing service in town called Work Force Inc. I help folks in town find work and help my clients find great employees!  Also, I love to fly fish in my spare time. You can typically find me up Rock Creek when I am not seeing music!

LP: Who are you currently listening to most?

NC: Right now, Margo Price.  I get to see her in less than 2 weeks and I am pretty excited about that.

LP: What’s your favorite meal to order at The Top Hat?

NC: Easy answer here… the chicken and waffles. May it never leave the menu!

LP: What’s your drink of choice?

NC: Tequila and pineapple juice

LP: If you could go back in time to watch any artist perform, who would it be?

NC: The Band.  

LP: If you could create a supergroup, what members would make up the group?

NC: Oh lord, I have no idea where to begin on this one! Tom Petty would be in there for sure, as well as Levon Helm, Lowell George, and Lou Reed.

LP: What concert are you looking forward to most?

NC: This year, I am looking forward to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats at The Kettlehouse Amphitheater.  I have friends in Denver who keep telling me that they just cannot recommend him enough as a live artist to see!

LP: Any final words about Missoula, Montana, the music scene, live entertainment, or anything special you’d like to share?

NC: If you haven’t seen live music in Missoula at The Wilma, The Top Hat, or The Kettlehouse Amphitheater…what are you waiting for?  There are so many great touring acts that are coming through, there is so much talent that comes through Missoula now, it’s amazing…. To Nick and crew at Logjam, thank you for what you guys do! Music makes me happy and you guys provide that for the Missoula community and the great Garden City! Cheers!