Upcoming Concerts: May 10th thru May 16th

Eclectic as usual, upcoming concerts include a Led Zeppelin tribute, local funk & soul, 2 Mother’s Day shows, rap, and electronic music.

Take a look at the schedule below:

Thursday, May 10th
Zoso – Celebrating 50 Years of Led Zeppelin



Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience formed in 1995 to perform the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin live show since the real thing. For Zoso, it’s much more than just being a tribute. It’s about touching a golden era in music. Zoso embodies Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones in their spirit, tightly-wound talent and authenticity.

Each band member has been carefully selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of their Led Zeppelin counterparts. In eighteen successful years of touring, they have perfected their art. As one of the longest tenured Zeppelin tributes, Zoso’s 2400 live shows around the world, including slots at major festivals such as Bonnaroo and Rib America Fest, have established them as the most traveled and successful band in the market.

9:00 PM | All Ages |  Tickets & MORE INFO

Friday, May 11th



Hailing from the vibrant city of Missoula, Montana, Innasci (formerly Breakfast for Dinner) has made it their mission to bring their brand of tasty grooves to the masses. Consisting of Kyle Boone on bass guitar and vocals, KW Lloyd on guitar, and Jake Smith on percussion, the group has cut their teeth individually playing in various bands around Missoula and the region before finding each other in a music filled haze.

Building off of Boone’s recently released solo album The Waffles LP, the group has begun to bring these sounds to an ever increasing audience with no signs of letting up any time soon. With an emphasis on energetic compositions, pocket grooves, and musical exploration, Innasci brings the party to the dance floor and leaves audiences begging for more.

10:15 PM | 21+ | FREE | MORE INFO

Saturday, May 12th
Rotgut Whines – Album Release Party



Rotgut Whines combines soulful rhythms with energizing tempos and passionate storytelling to create their signature sound: Fingerpickin’ Soul and Roll. Lead singer/guitarist Evan Manuel and drummer/backup vocalist Andrew Murphy prove wrong the old adage that there is more strength in numbers. Murphy’s crisp beats and deep baritone voice provide the perfect supplements to Manuel’s flying fingers and catchy melodies.

This will be a special performance as the band will be unveiling their new album Over Dead Man’s Things.

10:15 PM | 21+ | FREE | MORE INFO

Sunday, May 13th, Mother’s Day
Portland Cello Project



From classical to jazz, pop to metal, transcendent to raucous, the group will be presenting a full evening of what has become their signature, genre-bending style of performance. Expect everything from Bach to Coltrane to Radiohead, including guest collaborations with a diverse assortment of songwriters and instrumentalists.

Special guests on this tour include ex-Missoulan Maiah Wynne, a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist whose credits include the track used for the closing credits for the film The Ballad of Lefty Brown, and who just won second place in the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture’s Sound Off Competition.

8:00 PM | All Ages| Tickets & MORE INFO

Sunday, May 13th, Mother’s Day
Con Brio



Con Brio is a soul influenced funk rock band from San Francisco. Named after the musical direction that means “with spirit”, Con Brio is known for their high-energy funk, R&B sound. They recorded and released an EP in 2015 called Kiss the Sun and their first full-length album, Paradise, in 2016. Paradise features politically charged content, with songs about Black Lives Matter, capitalism, and the struggles of inequality.

An opening set will be performed by Shark Buffalo, a Missoula funk trio formed by Shakewell members Emmet Ore, Cove Jasmin, and Tanner Fruit. Both apex predator and apex prey, Shark Buffalo is a wild hybrid of opposite ends of the musical food chain, where synthesizers and acoustic elements combine DNA to sire a futuristic sound all its own.

8:00 PM | All Ages| Tickets & MORE INFO

Tuesday, May 15th



No artist has emerged from Minnesota this decade and walked their own private catwalk quite like Prof. After spending the early part of the 2010’s having amassed a strong loyal following, distributing nearly 200,000 records through his own imprint, Stophouse, his 2013 signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment helped propel him to the next stage of his career before releasing his landmark 2015 Rhymesayers debut, Liability. Now he’s touring in support of his newest album Pookie Baby, released on April 13th.

Local support will come from Missoula-based experimental r&b/hip-hop artist Talus Orion. Accompanied by the vibey, future bounce production of Golden Buddha (Luke Harmon) and complex rhythms of their drummer, Chris Naro, the band features a unique sound with enlightening lyrics.

9:00 PM | All Ages|  Tickets & MORE INFO

Wednesday, May 16th
Glitch Mob



The Glitch Mob – the Los Angeles-based trio comprising Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Joshua Mayer – continues their forward movement into 2018. Boreta, edIT, and Ooah came together around 2006, passing through various members until settling on this core trio of musicians.

Together, they combined their different skills and aesthetics into the compellingly collaged whole that has become one of the most beloved live electronic acts, and distinctive recording artists, working today. They’re currently touring with a brand new stage piece dubbed Blade 2.0, which features embedded instruments, lights, and other special effects.

8:00 PM | All Ages|  Tickets & MORE INFO


Complete event listings can be found here.