Dissecting the Dish: Healthy, Wholesome, and Always Delicious

Continuing to create healthy, hearty, made-from-scratch dishes, the Top Hat’s new fall menu items are abundantly nutritious with plenty of flavor — all crafted with the smallest of details in mind. Each ingredient is meticulously selected and prepared to result in fare that’s fit for fine dining, while still remaining a perfect option for a convenient and tasty lunch out.

Opening Act – Wild Rice Stuffed Collard Leaves

If you’re looking for a delicious appetizer, but prefer to steer clear of the traditional options (think wings & nachos), then you must try the Wild Rice Stuffed Collard Leaves. This vegan and gluten free opener starts with large collard greens which are then trimmed down and lightly blanched. Leaves are then carefully filled with a wild rice blend that’s mixed with pine nuts, and *Za’atar picked up from just down the street at Butterfly Herbs. The final product is made to be dipped in a house made tahini sauce that culminates in a luscious array of flavors.
*Za’atar is a traditional Middle Eastern seasoning that consists of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, salt, and a variation of other spices.

Headliner – Salmon Niçoise Salad

Nutritious and packed with protein, the gluten and dairy free Salmon Niçoise Salad, is a unique take on a classic French salad. Light, yet filling, the 4 ounce portion of Alaskan wild caught salmon contains more than 20 grams of protein. Lightly brushed with lemon, salt and pepper, the grilled salmon is served next to a vibrant display of *house pickled onions, peppers, cornichons, radishes, green beans, red potatoes, and a jammy egg. The meal is prepared with a whole foods philosophy, and the vegetables are cooked just enough to bring out their natural flavor without losing their nutrients. A jammy egg was chosen because it has a softer yolk, consequently adding a versatile sauce to the dish. The varietal theme of the salad allows you to combine individual elements to create different flavor profiles with each bite — some green beans and a bit of yolk with salmon or potato with an onion and cornichon. All of this lays on a bed of ruby mixed greens dressed in tarragon vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is sweetened with honey instead of sugar, which is known as a healthier substitute and the ruby mixed greens are used for yet another colorful addition.
*The Top Hat makes its pickling liquid with salt, red wine vinegar, and bay leafs. It’s then boiled and poured over julienned red onions inside a 24 quart container, where it sits for several days until it’s pickled to perfection.

Billy and the crew take great pride in each decision they make while crafting the Top Hat menu. Every item is made with the utmost attention to detail to deliver a dining experience that looks and tastes wonderful.

A Word from the Chef

“On this menu we chose to focus on healthy options that are sometimes hard to find when eating out.   The collard wraps are a very flavorful appetizer that provide a healthy option to this often less healthy section of the menu. The Salmon Niçoise is a dish I have prepared at home for friends and family many times and decided it would fit well on this menu.” – Billy Metzger

The Top Hat is open Monday thru Saturday from 11:30am to 10pm (may vary during ticketed events). Throughout the week, the Top Hat hosts several music infused dinner theme nights, including Raising the Dead, Jazz Night, Acoustic Avenue, and Family Friendly Friday. More details here.

See the full menu here.