Kitchen Dwellers Pay Tribute to The Band on New Single

Bozeman, Montana’s Kitchen Dwellers have just released their new, yet old single “Don’t Do It.” The song is a classic cover, one that was originally done by Marvin Gaye, but was also popularly recorded by The Who and The Band — the latter being the focal point of the Dwellers next project.

They’re gearing up for the release of their new EP, Reheated, Vol. 1 on November 30th which is the same day they perform in Missoula. The EP will contain four covers featuring music from The Band’s historic farewell concert, The Last Waltzin 1976The Dwellers will be dropping the other three tracks in the following days leading up to The Last Waltz‘s 42nd anniversary on Sunday, November 25th.

As the name suggests, Reheated, Vol. 1, will be the first of several cover projects from the Montana quartet.

We imagine the Kitchen Dwellers will pay tribute to The Band with at least a few songs when they headline the Top Hat on November 30th. More info on the Missoula concert here.

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