Local Music Announced for ZACC Fundraiser at Top Hat

What does listening to music, eating, drinking, fundraising and the ZACC have in common? A lot actually…

Logjam Presents will host the ZACC Community Action Series at the Top Hat on Tuesday, December 4, from 6 – 9 pm. During this time, 25% of all food and drink sales will be donated to the ZACC.

The money raised during the event will be the follow up donation to the Logjam Foundation’s initial gift of $500,000. These funds will go towards the ZACC’s Capital Campaign goal of $4.25 million, which will be used to help move the ZACC into their new and improved downtown location in the historic Studebaker Building.

The ZACC will have architectural renderings of the new building and will also be doing a quick presentation on the project during the event. The event will also feature live music from three Missoula made acts: Cork & Spark, Worst Feelings and Phoenix Marshall.

Phoenix at ZACC Rock Camp at Top Hat 5/11/18

At just 13 years old, Phoenix Marshall is a proud product of the ZACC Rock Camp and a shining example of what this amazing organization does for the Missoula community. The program has already helped her become a skillful guitarist and singer-songwriter. This will be her second appearance on the Top Hat stage as her talents were showcased earlier this year during a Rock Camp performance at the Top hat in May.

Cork & Spark fuse classic jazz with tinges of soul and blues. You might’ve seen them performing during Jazz Nights at the Top Hat on Wednesdays. Worst Feelings put a dreamy indie spin on an alt-country sound and have been recently making an increasing number of appearances around town. 

The ZACC is a creative hub that is dedicated to fostering and promoting life-enriching art experiences for Missoulians and visitors — cultivating a thriving and prosperous culture for us all. Join the fun and enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks and local entertainment, all while supporting a great cause. More information on the event can be found below.

You can learn more about the ZACC project on their new website and can also give directly here.