Listen Back: Keller Williams at the Top Hat on November 28, 2016 (Full Recording)

If you listened to him live with your eyes closed, you’d swear he was with a full band… but no, at least not when he was at the Top Hat in 2016.

As usual, Keller Williams‘ solo show was unlike any other — a one man band that’s second to none. His signature sound, jokingly referred to as “acoustic dance music,” isn’t easily pinned down, as he flawlessly integrates an abundance of genres throughout his performance.

The show in 2016 featured rock, jazz, funk, and bluegrass with a variety of original songs and of course a few choice covers were played including some Talking Heads and Tom Petty.

You can listen to the full set below and if you want to see him live… you’re in luck! The Top Hat is hosting An Evening with Keller Williams on Friday, January 11, 2019. Details here.