Mandolin Orange Releases Emotional New Album ‘Tides of a Teardrop’

Chapel Hill, NC-based folk duo Mandolin Orange just released their new album Tides of A Teardrop on February 1, 2019 (listen below).

This is singer-songwriter Andrew Marlin’s and multi-instrumentalist Emily Frantz’s sixth full length album together and their first since 2016’s Blindfaller.

Much of the album deals with the loss of Andrew’s mother when he was just 18. In an interview with The Boot, Emily spoke about her husband Andrew’s songwriting, saying “His grief has come through in so many of his songs, a lot more metaphorically. I think [on Tides of a Teardrop], he tried to just not shy away from it, and address it a little more directly.”

Pop Matters reviewed the album with 8 out of 10 stars saying, “…Tides of a Teardrop contributes to a repertoire exhibiting Mandolin Orange’s ability to capture musical beauty.”

Glide says “The harmony between the two is captivating and eminently listenable; it’s easy to detect the seamless teamwork and understand why they’ve been so successful. Theirs is an airy sound, crystalline clear like splinters of sunlight in a hushed forest.”

Touring in support of Tides of a Teardrop, Mandolin Orange will be stopping through Missoula for a headlining concert on March 12, 2019. Details here.