Galactic’s New Album is Already Ready Already

New Orleans funk fusion mainstay Galactic have just unveiled their highly anticipated studio LP, Already Ready Already. In an interview with Live for Live Music, founding band member and drummer Stanton Moore spoke about the album, saying:

“It’s interesting. I think that the record has some of the strongest songs that we’ve put out to date, but then there’s also some songs that are a little bit more exploratory and a little bit looser and not as structured. So hopefully that’ll find a place with our audience to where it’s kind of satisfying two different expectations that they may have for us. People like the vocal stuff, but then they also like the instrumental stuff. So I think that what people can expect is a little bit of both when you listen to the whole record—if anybody does that anymore these days.”

This is the band’s 10th studio album and their first since 2015’s Into the Deep. It includes features from Princess Shaw, Nahko, and their current tour partner Erica Falls.

Galactic and Erica will be stopping through Missoula for a live concert at The Wilma on March 21, 2019. Details here.