Logjam Radio: Laid-back Indie/Folk Playlist

What folk concerts are coming to Missoula? We thought you might be wondering.

Here, we’ve curated our indie/folk acts that have upcoming concerts in Missoula. Particularly, we’ve gathered the artists who have the type of sound that we consider “laid-back.” Maybe you have a different word for it. Easygoing. Melancholy. Chill. Relaxing. Breezy.

Semantics aside… we’ll be keeping the playlist up to date — adding recently announced artists, newly released music, and we’ll also remove artists who’ve already played.

So go ahead. Listen to your favorites, discover something new, and stay in the know about what artists are coming to Missoula. Hear someone you like? See them live in concert and check out all the event details directly below the playlist.


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