Listen Back: Spafford at the Top Hat in 2018 (Full Recording)

As we gear up for Spafford’s upcoming Missoula concert, we’re throwing it back to their last show at the Top Hat in March 2018.

Known for their extra-extended live versions of songs, the Arizona jam quartet did not disappoint. After a quick intro, they busted into a 30 plus minute rendition of “Backdoor Funk” into “Shake You Loose.” “Backdoor Funk” first appeared on their Live at Firefly 2013 album and as far as we can tell, “Shake You Loose” has yet to be recorded by the band.

Later on, they payed tribute to the late great Tom Petty with a cover of “Breakdown,” which ran into “Electric Taco Stand” – an original off their 2012 self titled debut studio album.

Another notable highlight came when they performed a version of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City.”

You can listen to the full show recording below… but make sure to see the real deal when Spafford returns to the Top Hat in Missoula for a live concert on March 14, 2019. They’ll be joined by California improv rock band and favorite of the Top Hat, Brothers Gow. Details here.