5 Reasons To See The Sunday Nightcap on St. Patrick’s Day

The Cigarette Girls can easily stand on their own, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spice things up even more with a bit of help. As they return to the Top Hat for another edition of The Sunday Nightcap on Mar. 17th, they’ll be welcoming a whole plethora of special guests. Here’s a quick glance at each performer.

Born and raised in Red Lodge, MT Chase McGroin earned the title Entertainer Of the Year King in 2014 in Louisville, KY. He’s traveled all across the country, where his passion for the arts has help with personal empowerment and led to unforgettable experiences. Performing is a big part of his life, and he’s excited to share it with Missoula on St. Patrick’s Day!

Vanilla Waiffer is “your everyday drag thing straight from the large gas giant Jupiter.” It’s safe to say that Vanilla is out of this world, but she recently graced planet Earth with her tantalizing taunts when she performed at the Drag Brunch at the University of Montana in December 2018.

A longtime performer, Zara Renea Spritzer has been bringing her big hair and big personality all across the Big Sky State since 2009. She has plenty of secrets, but is planning on sharing a few at The Sunday Nightcap.

A member of the LGBTIQ Community Center Board and the ISCSM Board, Sebastian Stone uses his drag king performance as a way to tell stories and shares a piece of himself with the audience. He views it as a way to expose people to different art forms who don’t necessarily have access to such diversity.

A veteran drag king, Jack Rackham performs all across Montana and can regularly be seen as the co-emcee at the MSU drag shows. His boyish young charm and early Beatles style might make him look innocent, but under the suit is a lovable scoundrel!

If you’re on a budget, you’re in luck. At only $5, admittance to this St. Patrick’s Day party is truly a steal. More details here.